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leadership training


Does Your Team Need Leadership Training?

  • Do your officers work well together?
  • Does your team respect the officers?
  • Do your students respond well  to you?
  • Has your team set their goals and objectives for the year?
  • Do they have a game plan for success?
  • Are your team parents part of the problem or are they part of the solution?

Training Objectives

HTEDance's objective is to actually teach your team to work together to accomplish common goals! We work with you  and your team to: 

  • Set Team Goals
  • Set a Team Plan For Success
  • Design a Team Mission Statement
  • Determine Individual and Team Personalities
  • Isolate and Repair Team Concerns

We have studied the teaching philosophies of history's greatest leaders, motivators and coaches. We have taken the fundamentals of their programs and made them easy for your students to understand.


Our curriculum is actually based on your team's individual and group needs! Through preliminary interview, we assess your team's strengths and weaknesses. In tandem with the goals and objectives that you outline for your team in advance, we develop a custom leadership training curriculum.

  • Honor and Respect 
  • Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
  • Personality Profiles
  • Goals and Objectives Planning
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Building Your Team's Mission Statement

Recognizing that every person has an inherent need to play from time to time, we have assembled some of the best known games and relays designed to be fun as well as teach a lesson!

Training Options & Cost


Minimum of 25 students
We come to you and work with your team of cheerleaders, dancers, color guard, choir or band! We help your group set goals and objectives within their specific group and work on an annual plan for success!

Minimum of 50 students
HTEDance will come to your community to set up a conference where teams and organizations in the area can all get together and represent their team. We will assist each group in establishing their own goals, objectives and plan for success. We will then bring each school's organizations together to help them establish school-wide goals and objectives along with a unique plan for school spirit!

HTEDance makes leadership training a great value of just $25.00 per student plus travel expenses. Please see program descriptions above for student minimums. 

What Other Directors Say

"Other companies try to duplicate what only Jeff Giles and HTE can deliver... true teamwork, attainable goals and genuine team unity!"

Annette Stark
Past President, DTDA

Former Director, Alief Hastings High School

"HTE has done an excellent job encouraging students to recognize and develop leadership potential. They consistently demonstrate professional concern for each individual of my team! They are the best!"

Danese Fondren
Past Board Member, DTDA
Director, Lumberton High School

"HTE Student Leadership Conferences offer the greatest in leadership training. The atmosphere is very positive! My girls are pumped and ready for the coming year!"

Joe Guttery
Past Board Member, DTDA
Director, L.D. Bell High School