HTE Dance and Spirit Group & Jeffrey Giles effectively train students to be leaders.  HTE offers Student Leadership Clinics that effectively teach team work and goal setting while motivating your team to achieve those new goals. Leadership Clinics are perfect for bands, drill teams, dance teams, student councils, and other school groups.  HTE also conducts Officer Training Camps for leadership and great choreograhy during the Summer for dance/drill team officers, Special Events for Dance/Drill Teams during the Winter, and Dance/Drill Team Contests during Late Winter. Visit this site often to find out what's new at HTE!

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HTEDance On Tour Ten Commandments of Travel

  1. All payments MUST be received 45 days prior to your group's departure!
  2. There are NO cancellations or refunds after December 1st of your year of travel!
  3. Comps are based on an agreed upon minimum commitment.  ALL comps are lost if your numbers fall beneath that previously guaranteed number.
  4. After December 1st, all name changes incur a $25 fee from HTEDance and any additional fees from airlines or other vendors!
  5. No changes are made to your invoice or billing unless received in writing and accompanied by an adjusted rooming list.
  6. All charges and fees must be included on ONE invoice.  You will need to handle deposits and breakout payments with your local bookkeeper.  They will be enumerated on your invoice for your convenience.
  7. Invoice fees and totals are pulled straight from your rooming list and must tie at all times.
  8. Shows, theater dates and times, dance class arrangments, amusement park ticket prices and dates are all subject to change without notice!  Airfare prices are subject to change without notice.
  9. You must sign and return your contract, initial your Tour Information Sheet and Tentative Itinerary before your prices are anchored!
  10. Payments are due ON the date listed on your Tour Information Sheet.  Late payments will be charged a $50.00 per month late fee.

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