HTE Dance and Spirit Group & Jeffrey Giles effectively train students to be leaders.  HTE offers Student Leadership Clinics that effectively teach team work and goal setting while motivating your team to achieve those new goals. Leadership Clinics are perfect for bands, drill teams, dance teams, student councils, and other school groups.  HTE also conducts Officer Training Camps for leadership and great choreograhy during the Summer for dance/drill team officers, Special Events for Dance/Drill Teams during the Winter, and Dance/Drill Team Contests during Late Winter. Visit this site often to find out what's new at HTE!

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Frequently Asked Questions for OTC

1. Where do I send my $ for the hotel?

  You may mail your check to the hotel unless there is less than two weeks until camp, in which case you will just bring it with you to check-in. At that time, they will release the hold on your credit card. Your check should be made out to the appropriate hotel.

2. Where do I send my meal $?

  Your meal money should be included in the total due to HTEDance.

3. Where do I send fees for tuition?

  Your tuition fees should be paid by your school district and the check should be made out to HTEDance.

4. What materials will the hotel require upon arrival?

  • District hotel occupancy form (name as the same as the tax ID form)
  • Rooming list

5. What time should we arrive?

  Registration is from 10:00-11:00AM. Please plan to leave your belongings in your vehicles until the dinner break as the hotel rooms are not guaranteed available until 3:00PM. This is a hotel and it is out of their and our control.

6. Should we eat lunch before we meet at noon the first day?

  Yes, there will not be a lunch break, so eat an early lunch. Dinner will be there first break in the schedule and is part of the meal package.

7. How should we plan to dress during the week?

  One casual outfit for night on the town, then dance attire and dance shoes for the rest of the week.

8. How should the officers dress for the opening of camp?

  They should be ready to dance in dance attire and shoes to learn camp dance - jazz routine.

9. When do the directors meet to get their information for camp including schedule and details for the week?

  At the first director's meeting which is held 30 minutes after the opening session begins.

10. How much $ should I recommend each officer bring?

  $50.00-$75.00 The HTEDance Spirit Shop has wonderful retail goods to offer from t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, dance tops, patches, key chains and other exciting offerings.

11. Can I learn with the girls?

  Yes, but please make attending the director's meetings a priority.

12. Can I video the classes?

  Yes, and we recommend getting both front and back views for learning/review purposes. HTEDance provides you with one video with all dances-front and back views.

13. Can I leave the hotel while they are in class?

  That is up to you and your district's rules. Please give Jan or Jeffrey your cell phone number if you do leave in case there is an emergency and we need to contact you.

14. What can I NOT do without at camp?

  • Each officer's Medical Release & Authorization Form
  • Tapered Candles (one for each officer and yourself)
  • CD player (battery operated) we provide you with a CD, not cassette, recording of all camp music
  • Extra Batteries
  • Water Bottle

15. Do I have to spend time each day with my buddy?

  No, but do expect her to make herself available to you each day and to at least observe your practices for a while. Keep in mind that each instructor has several buddy schools to visit with.

16. Do the officers have to do kick and dance academy?

  No, it is up to you ultimately.

17. Do the officers have to do the Original Choreography evaluation?

  We highly encourage it, but it is not mandatory.

18. What time should I expect to be able to depart on the final day?

  More than likely 1:00PM, however, we ask you to prepare for 3:00PM.

19. Can parents attend camp?


At HTEDance we do understand a parent's desire to chaperone their children while away from home.  Sometimes this is a good idea depending on the environment of the event.  However, HTEDance works diligently to provide an atmosphere of safety, discipline and stability in the camp settng that allows for a student's maximum participation and growth.

HTEDance's policies do NOT allow for parent participation in the HTEDance camp programs.  While we have no direct policies about parents in the hotel rooms, we do NOT allow them to participate in the curriculum (unless they are the director/coach of the team) or to be in the classrooms as a part of the routines or classes that are taught at camp.

A parent's role in their child's life is indeniably critical and is certainly an important part of the basis of their personality and behavior.  However, as the student moves into high school, a certain amount of freedom and trust must be handed the student to help foster new expereiences and in that new growth.

However, having them present on a daily basis provides a "comfort level" or "safety net" that prevents the student from standing on their own two feet so to speak.  This new found independence is an important part of the learning process at camp and will certainly help to foster incredible strides in personal growth for the student while at camp!  This growth translates into a better matured team as well.

We invite all "Friends And Family" to join these incredible young people on our final day of camp for "HTEDance Show Offs" to be able to see what they have learned and accomplished.  Additionally, it is always fun to meet the parents of these amazing young people who are surely the bright and exciting future of our world!

20. Can parents attend evaluations?

  Yes, on the final day. In fact, most do! It is a very fun time for your child and it is in their best interest to show up to support them.

21. Should I allow boyfriends to attend?

  No, except on the final day if you would like. The girls will not even be allowed to talk to boys at all during camp. Please support us in this decision as it is your team's best interest.

22. Will there be a trainer/first aid person on site?

  No, have your own first aid kit, along with your copies of the medical release forms. You and HTEDance will have separate copies of the release.

23. Do the other directors bring gifts for their officers?

  Most do. Our spirit shop has a wide variety of materials for you to choose from if you are unable to prepare in advance or if you just wish to give them something from HTEDance.

24. What meals are included in our meal package?

  Two full hot buffet lunches and two full hot buffet dinners!

25. Is transportation provided by HTEDance for the "night on the town"?

  No, you must arrange this on your own.

26. Can we practice during the "night on the town"?

  Yes, if you choose.

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