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General Dates & Locations FAQ's Schedules Results Maps Registration

Forms you will need for Contest Registration:


Championship Tour 2018:

February 3, 2018

Hill Country Regional Dance Team Championship

February 10, 2018

Magnolia West HS, Magnolia, TX
Two great events at one location!

The Woodlands Regional Dance Team CHampionship

And our Boys Dance Crew Championship
(Boys may compete in Open, Hip Hop, Prop, Novelty, Production, and Break Dance only)

February 24, 2018

Memorial HS, Goose Creek ISD, Baytown, TX
Coastal Bend Texas Regional Dance Team Championship

February 24, 2018
  Belton HS, Belton, TX
Central Texas Regional Dance Team Championship
March 3, 2018
  Northwest HS, Justin, TX
Texas State Dance Team Championship
March 23-24, 2018

University of the incarnate Word
San Antonio, TX


HTEDance ON TOUR! Contest Get-Aways
And announcing HTEDance ON TOUR! "Contest Get-Aways!"  Let us help you put together a great mini-vacation for you and your team.  We have special packages for each event designed to make contest more than just a headache!  Fun venues, Fun Food and Fun Friends!  Headache-proof!  We do all the work for you!! From travel to hotels to food and fun!  Just call us and let us help you "Make Some Memories!"

Call for information regarding travel packages
designed especially for your team!

School Address, Contest Packets, and Contest Specific Forms

Hill Country Dance Team Championship
at New Braunfels HS

2551 TX-337 Loop
New Braunfels, TX 78130 Contest Packet

Woodlands Regional Dance Team Championship
at Magnolia West HS
42202 FM 1774 Rd
Magnolia, TX 77354
Contest Packet


CENTRAL Texas Regional Dance Team Championship
at Belton HS
600 Lake Rd
Belton, TX 76513
Contest Packet


Coastal Texas Regional Dance Team Championship
at Memorial HS, Goose Creek ISD
6001 E Wallisville Rd
Baytown, TX 77521
Contest Packet


Texas State Dance Team Championship
at Northwest HS

2301 Texan Drive
Justin, TX 76247
Contest Packet


University of the National Incarante Word
in San Antonio -

4301 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209
Contest Packet


2018 Divisions and Prices

Price Per
Time Limit
  Production All Teams/Studios
5 minute limit
  Team & Open All Teams/Studios
3 minute limit
  Officers Officer Squads
3 minute limit
  Select 10-24 dancers
3 minute limit
  X-Large Ensemble 21+ dancers
3 minute limit
  Large Ensemble 13-20 dancers
3 minute limit
  Medium Ensemble 7-12 dancers
3 minute limit
  Small Ensemble 4-6 dancers
3 minute limit
  Trio 3 Students
3 minute limit
  Duet 2 Students
3 minute limit
  Solo Individuals
3 minute limit

**$30 per routine is added for solos and ensembles when team routines are not registered from a participating school. Indepedent performers (performers registered by parents and not competing with their team, should register using our system for Indepedent performers.

Studio Division is available at some contests.
Please contact the office for more information

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS- 10% off will be applied if full payment for any contest is paid and received prior to December 21.



Kick, Jazz, Pom, Prop, Military, Novelty, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Production and Open


Pre K/Kinder
1-3 Grade Studio/Community Team
4-6 Grade Studio/Community Team
7-9 Grade Studio/Community Team
10-12 Grade Studio/Community Team
Junior HS/Middle School
Pep Squads
Junior Varsity
High School Small Team (4-15)
High School Medium Team (16-29)
High School Large Team (30-49)
High School Extra Large Team (50+)
High School Co-Ed (at least 25% of team is male)

Time Limit:
Team/Officer/Select/ Small and Medium Ensemble: 90 Seconds - 3 minutes performance time
5 minutes including entrance/exit

Solo and Duets: 90 seconds-3 minutes performance time

Large Ensemble - up to 3 minutes performance time

Production - up to 5 minutes performance time


The HTEDance SELECT Company Division: The SELECT company is just that. It is a place for your elite members to perform. Some may call these groups jazz company, kick company, jam company, modern company, etc. It is that "select" group of members who have been chosen based on their extraordinary talent and dedication to do even more than the team. This SELECT division will not be split depending on team size; all SELECT companies will compete together. The same categories apply as in the TEAM divisions ie. Jazz, hip hop, kick, modern, novelty, lyrical, military, pom, open. Officer squads may not compete in this division as a squad, however, officers may be a part of the SELECT group. The group must not be made up solely of officers. There must be team members as well. The SELECT group may have as few as 10 members on the floor, but not more than 24. Each school may enter as many SELECT companies as they wish. Each SELECT company represents the school. The same members do not have to be in each company.

Schedules are posted the week of contest.


Directors only: Once a preliminary schedule is emailed to you, you can report needed changes to our scheduler using this Schedule Change Request Form.

Results are posted the week after contest.

Schedules and results may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Contest FAQ's

When is the schedule tentative and/or final?
Scheduling at HTEDance is an ongoing process. As the contest nears, the schedule begins development. As later registrations are submitted, the schedule is adjusted to add in the entries. The schedule is also adjusted as team’s add and drop routines. The schedule is final on the Friday evening before contest and is still subject to adds/drops on the day of contest. HTEDance is as accommodating to their teams as possible. We understand that various situations arise and we will make every effort to accommodate each of our customers.

Please review the initial schedule published the early during the week of contest. Advise the contest coordinator of any needed changes/adjustments. Check spelling for accuracy. Email, call or fax changes asap. Check the schedule online for revisions. The date of the revisions will be at the top of the schedule. The final schedule will be given to the director upon check in the day of the contest.

What is the Check In procedure on the day of contest?

  1. Arrive at least one hour prior to start of contest.
  2. Have team in single file line with bags in hand.
  3. Team will need to wait outside until you complete check-in.
  4. Enter through the team entrance and proceed to the HTEDance representative. Please have music and all registration documentation in hand.
  5. Complete payments, review final schedule, inform HTEDance representative of any changes to the schedule (adds/drops/mistakes)
  6. After receiving final schedule and director materials, your host for the day will escort you to the music area where you will turn in your manilla envelope with all of your performance music.
  7. Your host will show you entrances and exits for the performance areas, your dressing area for the day, restrooms, and concessions.
  8. After completion of registration, please return to your team, have them follow you single file as your host shows them to your designated dressing area.

*The host school will supply your team with a host(s) for the day should you need any extra help throughout the day. The host will also keep you abreast the performance schedule throughout the day.  

What can I expect from the judging at an HTEDance contest?
Three judges are used in all areas. The judges are all current or former dance/drill team directors. We believe that these professionals have a better understanding of the art and know more about what goes in to perfecting and preparing a dance/drill team performance.

How should I prepare my team’s music?

Cd's are acceptable forms of music.  Please have a back up copy regardless of which format you choose to use.   Use a separate Cd for each routine/piece of music.

All cds should be brought to the sound table upon check-in. Place all of your team’s music in a manilla envelope, labeled with your team and director name. The music tech will check in all music according to the schedule. Turning music in before the contest begins ensures a more organized contest.  

Label cd as follows:
School/studio title, team name, division, category

Team/officer Example:

Magnolia HS Texas Star, Large Team Kick

Solo Example:

Magnolia HS Texas Star, Soloist 11-12 th, Morgan Caruthers

Ensemble Example:

Magnolia HS Texas Star, Small Ensemble #3 “Baby, I’m a Star”

All music should be on cd at the proper performance tempo. It is not wise to depend on a speed control at contest. Please record your music to tempo.

Music checks are available only during scheduled breaks, not before each performance.

  1. Use a separate cd for each routine.
  2. Please record at desired performance tempo.
  3. Have a manager or team representative at the sound table during the performance to advise sound tech as necessary.

Make sure that your music has been purchased and does not violate any copyright laws. HTE Dance expects that schools are using legal copies of music for competition and HTE Dance is not responsible for violations of copyright laws by the schools attending contest.

What is different at Nationals from the State Championship Series?
At Nationals, the level of performance is more intense. Teams have had longer to prepare. To add to the excitement, HTEDance is offering some great incentives. The Grand Champion Officer Squad and Team will receive National Champion Banner.

How are soloist divisions grouped?
Pre-K, K-3rd, 4 th-6 th, 7 th-8 th, 9 th-10 th, 11 th-12 th grades. Males and females are grouped together, as well as studio and schools being judged together.

What will be offered in the Spirit Shop retail store during contest?
The Spirit Shop has a wide range of items. Some items include shirts, sweatshirts, dance attire, jewelry, purses, novelty items, flip flops, pins, and patches. Be sure to inform your team members to bring plenty of spending money.

What will be available to eat at the concession stand?
Each host school will offer its own menu. The host will send a menu to you beforehand and may also ask for pre-orders on lunch and dinner. Please plan to take advantage of the concession stand at contest. This is a fundraiser for the host school. It is also one major way HTEDance is able to keep our contest fees to a minimum comparatively. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD or DRINK IS PERMITTED. No ice chests!

Do you take credit cards?
We accept cash, checks and official school PO’s. We are not equipped to accept credit cards.

How should I plan the entrances and exits?
Entrances and exits vary depending on flow of traffic in and out of each facility’s gym area. Please have your team practice entering and exiting from both sides. These are not judged. A timely entrance and exit are essential for a timely contest.

What is the cost of admission to the contest?
$10 for spectators 6 and over, children under 6 are free...4 chaperone passes per team...Managers and escorts MUST be in uniform to be admitted free of charge. Team members must be performing to be admitted free with the team, unless injured... new member groups not performing in the contest must pay admission fee of $10 each.

What is the performance area?
The performance area for all team performances will be a regulation sized court with basic basketball markings. Performance area for officer, select, ensemble, and solo performances will vary depending on contest size. We will make every effort to have a regulation sized area, but be prepared for a smaller area if necessary.

Are props allowed?
Props are allowed. Be careful not to mark or scratch the floor when moving props. All bottoms should be taped to avoid scratching the surface. Set up and take down should be done in a timely fashion – if you will need more than a minute to set up or take down a set, please inform the contest coordinator beforehand so ample time will be allowed in the schedule.

Prop drop-off and storage will be designated and coordinated through each host school’s booster club. Please be courteous, respectful, and flexible with the representatives in charge.

What is the cancellation policy?


TEAM DOES NOT SHOW UP FOR CONTEST = Registration Fees credited to your account for use at another contest in the same season.
HTEDANCE CANCELS CONTEST = Full Refund Of All Registration Fees Issued IMMEDIATELY

HOST LOCATION CANCELS = Full amount credited to your school account to be used at another contest during that same season.

In the event of inclement weather, HTEDance offers the director the following options:

  • A 50% refund ontotal registration fees. Refund checks are issued the Monday following the contest date.
  • A full credit towards future registration fees with HTEDance. (Does not include Special Events)

Weather related cancellations are approved at the discretion of the management. In the event of an unforeseen natural disaster or involuntary cancellation of the contest date or location, refunds will not be issued. HTEDance will make every effort to reschedule or relocate the contest.

Is the judging format different at the State Championship Series verses Nationals?
No, the format for judging is the same.

What if I have other questions?
Please feel free to contact our contest coordinator via phone or email anytime day or night. We want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your contest experience with HTEDance.

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